To many times we have seen a community respond to a crisis with all of the anger and heated emotions that comes with it. This kind of response sometimes do more harm then good. These heated emotions and anger make one quick to judgement and clouds one’s mind to reason.Cool heads must prevail.

We must stop being Reactive and become Proactive.Its very hard to develop an action plan under any crisis. So we take an proactive approach by training Peacekeepers with the necessary skills to help prevent what could become a crisis. We believe our very presence becomes a deterrent.

Each Peacekeepers receive the following training:

    • CPR and First Aid
    • Basic Self defense
    • Proper Handling of People
  • Upon completion PK volunteers will receive a Picture Id and our official Orange PK T-shirt
  • “One Hour of Power” Each volunteer must walk (patrol) the community for 1 hour a week as a part of their commitment as a Peacekeeper
  • A management team will be established in every city to ensure the PK policies and procedures are met on a weekly basis

“Crime and Violence could never be solved by those in law enforcement alone. There has to be a partnership between law enforcement and the community, but that relationship has to be base on respect and trust. It is known that crime and violence in the community is a social problem. It can only be solved with all of the social agencies, grassroots organizations, and religious groups along with law enforcement working together.”

“Men must accept their responsibility to make the streets in their communities safe for the women, children and elderly.”

– Capt Dennis Muhammad

“Peacekeepers Global Initiative”