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As the founder of the Peacekeepers, I would like to welcome you to our website.

We would like to share with you the work, the mission, and the vision of the Peacekeepers. We would also like to take this opportunity to give our condolences to anyone who may have loss a loved one to any form of violence, whether it is a member of the Community or Law Enforcement. We must end the senseless violence and work towards a real systemic change.
The work of the Peacekeepers is to maintain Peace in communities where Gun Violence is high. We believe that the men in particular and the community in genaral must take responsibility to help make their neighborhood a decent and safe place to live. That also mean working in partnership with Law Enforcement.

However due to the recent national attention of police misconduct and controversial shootings of young black males, police and community relationship is at a all time low. The lack of trust and respect with the police or the “Them vs Us” is not new, it goes all the way back to the civil rights era. Where we would watch on TV police sick the attack dogs, use fire hoses, beat the marchers with night sticks, and we have also seen them use the butt of their guns. These images were seen all across America and left a bitter taste in the mouths of Black Americans across the country. We no longer view the police as Friends and helpers we seen them as Foes or enemies.

We need police, we cannot live in a lawless society. However; we must not go backward but move forward and not give up on building a relationship of mutual respect with the Law Enforcement community. Although, if the police refuse to rid its ranks of abusive officers, and neglect their job to protect and respect its citizens, then the citizens must come together and do whats necessary to protect themselves. We are not taking about being “vigilante” but being vigilant. We the peacekeepers are also committed to rid our community of those undesirables who bring down the quality of life by their committing acts of violence and crimes in those neighborhoods.

We must also teach our youth to respect authority, not to challenge authority. We are aware that the crime and violence in the urban community is a direct result of unmet social needs, arresting and locking youth up will not stop it. We must address the social problems such as, jobs, education, poverty, lack of fathers in the home, drugs, teenage pregnancy, and the list goes on. So when you see Peacekeepers know that you are looking at a volunteer citizen who is committed to Peace.

Thank You,
Dr. Dennis Muhammad

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