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On a hot but breezy Saturday in New Orleans over 300 community residents came out to RushCard “Keep the Peace” rally, to declare St.Roch area “Ground Zero for Peace”. The park was full of excitement and peace as public officials, community leaders, pastors, grassroots organizations and the citizens of St.Roch enjoyed the speakers as they spoke about their commitment to  help reduce Gun Violence. The event started with a welcome from Min Willie Muhammad who heads up the first Peacekeepers Chapter of the 21. The event was MC’ed by the New Orleans peacekeeper coordinator Walter Umrani who was responsible for getting many of the community leaders there. Walter then introduced the Chief of NOPD Chief Harrison who said “he welcomes the community taking a proactive stand against Gun Violence, and will work hand in hand with the Peacekeepers” following the Chief remarks was nola community activist Oliver Thomas as he talk about his trip with Chief Harrison to a Meeting in DC with all Police Chiefs discussing Police and community relationship and he said the peacekeepers are ahead of most organization in building that relationship. Former Crime Czar Atty.James Carter who once live in St.Roch address the crowd and said he was happy to see men take responsibility for their community. Then they heard from the founder Capt. Dennis Muhammad as he told everybody it was going to take consistency and commitment to peace to reduce the violence . Then everyone was ask to raise their right hand and was sworn in as Peacekeepers. Each was given the peacekeepers signature orange shirt with the words on front” I Am present for Peace ” and then organize into groups of 50 going door to door handing out pamphlets and leaving door hangers, inviting them to become peacekeepers. This area was unanimously chosen by the leaders in New Orleans who all agree this was the worst area in Gun Violence. Also the “Squash the Beef before the Grief” mediation conflict Hotline initiative was launched.

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