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PeaceKeepers On The Go – Edition 1 – June’14

By Sarah Jane van Beek – International Director of The Peacekeepers PR and Marketing

I am Present for Peace.

It has been an eventful start to 2014. We have seen Tragedy, Chaos, Unease and Struggle from around the World.

But have also seen Community Action, Dedication, Support, Commitment and Love from all of our neighbourhoods patrolled by The PeaceKeepers.

Our mission for peace in all of our neighbourhoods is still ongoing, but we take note of the progress and steps that have been made in our communities to bring them to peace.

In this edition we highlight 2 of our PeaceKeeper Chapters, Wilmington and Atlantic City.

Wilmington PeaceKeepers

We give special thanks to Brother Lamotte and The PeaceKeepers in Willmington.

On Monday 5th May at around 5.30pm Cheryl Allen, the wife of one of our Peacekeepers Matthew Allen was shot twice, whilst sitting on her porch nursing her 15 month old Grandson.

According to the police, two unknown black males began shooting at an unknown person or persons from the intersection of W. 25th and N. Madison Streets. Cheryl Allen was caught up in the cross fire.

The shooting sent a shockwave through the community. The PeaceKeepers of Willmington immediately rallied round to the scene to support the family and keep the surrounding area safe.

Cheryl Allen aged 57 was rushed to hospital where she was told by the Doctors that she had been Lucky. Both bullets were removed successfully.  One entered her chest and exited through her back and the other in her stomach. Both missed her vital organs and she is thankfully expected to make a full recovery. However the emotional scars may take longer to recover.

Captain Dennis Muhammad was in constant contact throughout the ordeal with Brother Lamotte. Within hours of the shooting Captain Dennis and a team of PeaceKeepers from New York and Atlantic City were on their way to Wilmington. Their mission was to support the family and community, and to speak to the members of the community who could help lead them to the gunmen.

Within 24 hours of Captain Dennis and the Peacekeepers of Wilmington, Atlantic City and New York hitting the streets, the two men were caught and put behind bars.

A short time after, Cheryl Allen was released from hospital. The Community of Wilmington and media gathered around the Allen’s home to offer support and love. Captain Dennis addressed the crowd as did Matthew Allen and Brother Lamotte on the importance of peace within our neighbourhoods and the proven work shown by the positive results that The PeaceKeepers have by patrolling the streets.

The Community responded by coming together and showing support for The PeaceKeepers and vow they will all work to make sure this terrible event doesn’t happen again in their community. The whole of Wilmington is Present for Peace. The Community Spirit is alive again in Wilmington. This near tragedy is an example to us all of how The PeaceKeepers Global Initiative brings the life back into the communities in which they serve.

We send our continued love and thoughts to Cheryl Allen for a speedy recovery.

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