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Today’s youth are facing some challenging times. With the increase of youth gun violence, high drop out rate, gangs, dysfunctional homes, drugs and a high rate of incarceration and being tied into the criminal justice system. Its a miracle they are surviving. So anytime we see our youth stand for what is positive and good, we must support and applaud their efforts. We are very please to say we captured the hearts and imagination of the Peacekeepers Youth. Our young people don’t CARE what we adults KNOW, they just want to KNOW that we CARE. In my travels around the country our youth are rebelling against injustice, police brutality, racial profiling and gun violence.They are angry because they seem to be the ones targeted.We have took this negative anger and energy and turned it into a positive Movement for Change. You will recognize the peacekeepers youth wearing orange hoodies and shirts with the words like” I Am Present 4 Peace”, Silence is Betrayal”,  Hands up Don’t Shoot and  I’m present for Peace”. After taking our youth to see the Movie “Selma” It has sparked a desire in them to get more involved with the struggle which makes a statement “Black Lives Matter”.So keep an eye on our Youth Peacekeepers, they are the new leaders for change. Thank You

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