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Brooklyn Pk’s on the GO!

Peacekeepers On The Go – Edition 2 – June’14

By Sarah Jane van Beek – International Director of The PeaceKeepers PR and Marketing

I am Present for Peace.

Brooklyn PeaceKeepers

Today’s feature is on the Brooklyn Peacekeepers. I had the great honor of speaking with Bro Beast this afternoon, to be updated on the happenings with The Peacekeepers of Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Peacekeepers have long since moved on from doing their Hour Of Power on the streets of Brooklyn. They now have boots on the ground every day of the week. Not only in Brooklyn as they now also patrol New York East and surrounding neighborhoods.

The everyday practice of The Brooklyn Peacekeepers is to establish New Norms their communities, all on the basis of love.  They aim to be Vigilant vs Vigilante in patrolling their community.

The communities in which The Brooklyn Peacekeepers serve has many other organizations striving to add their part in bringing peace to the neighborhoods. So collectively all organizations have come together to join what is called “The Body of Peace” for the greater good of the communities.  They recognize it takes more than just one organization to bring peace back into their communities, so together they act as an organ in this body, each organ-nization serve a distinct function. The organizations in which The Brooklyn Peacekeepers are working with include Man Up, SOS, Fathers in the Hood, Law enforcement and clergy to name a few.

These recent weeks have been a trying time for The Brooklyn Peacekeepers. They were deeply saddened, as was the World at the stabbing attack of the two young children in the elevator, who were going out to buy ice cream.

Prince Joshua Avitto known as PJ to his family and friends aged 6 and Mikayla Capers aged 7, were in the elevator together when they were both attacked and stabbed multiple times. 6 year old PJ sadly died after the attack leaving his family and community devastated. 7 year old Mikayla survived the attack and was fighting for her life in hospital. Mikayla was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

PJ’s heartbroken Father said that his Son loved superheroes, especially Batman.  “PJ was probably acting like Batman at the end, with that guy trying to stab him” Mr Avitto said. He added “He could have been Einstein. He was very curious, a learner” So heartbreaking…

June 17th would have been PJ’s 7th birthday. The Brooklyn Peacekeepers are attending a Community Block Party to remember and celebrate his young life.

We pray for PJ and his family at this very sad time and for Mikayla to recover in the arms of her family.

The Brooklyn Peacekeepers together as a part of the collective Body of Peace hit the streets in order to find the attacker of these children. Bro Beast was in constant contact with Captain Dennis during this time.  On the 4th of June Bro Beast informed Captain Dennis the suspected attacker Daniel St. Hubert was found and arrested. We strongly believe it was the collective efforts of the Body of Peace that helped with the capture.  He faces up to 50 years to life in prison if convicted.

I am Present for Peace.

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