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Atlantic City PK’s on the GO!

Atlantic City PeaceKeepers celebrated their 3 year anniversary of being Present for Peace this month.

They also lead the community in honouring and giving thanks for Virgie Jordan, a dearly loved community leader who sadly passed in 2009.

Tributes were made about the life and achievements of Virgie Jordan from The PeaceKeepers, who vow through their work in the neighbourhoods and schools, to keep Virgie Jordan’s memory alive. The Council, Housing Authority, family and friends of Ms Jordan also gave speeches in her honor. After which a street was named after her and a community room, as a constant reminder of the work that she did with the Stanley Holmes work team to take pride in the community and its people.

As part of the Atlantic City PeaceKeepers 3 year anniversary the community came together to have a day filled with food, music and fun for all the families. There was great community spirit shown for the day of celebrations. The day showed that the PeaceKeepers mission for the love of community, each other and themselves is most definitely working.

Captain Dennis Muhammad was there to speak at the event and join in the celebrations to mark the PeaceKeepers achievements in bringing peace to the streets and the schools in Atlantic City.

Whilst in Atlantic City the School Board Superintendent Donna Haye, gave permission to Captain Dennis to visit 5 schools across the City and to speak to 10 assemblies of students. Captain Dennis introduced the students to The PeaceKeepers and spoke to them about the work in which they do by patrolling the streets to keep the communities safe.

On Friday 13th June Atlantic City PeaceKeepers did their first school patrol to ensure the safety of all the students. When the students were dismissed from their final lesson, they were all happy and excited to see the men in orange that Captain Dennis had told them about. The PeaceKeepers as Captain Dennis had promised were all Present for Peace to make sure the students and staff were safe.

This is a great move for Atlantic City and something we need to look to continue in all of our chapters. Our children deserve to right to attend school without fear in order for them to learn in a safe, happy and peaceful environment.

Russell Simmons took to Twitter to show his appreciation for the work of Captain Dennis and the Atlantic City PeaceKeepers. He tweeted ‘The PeaceKeepers are patrolling the schools in Atlantic City making it safe for our children @CAPTMUHAMMAD Thank you ‘

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We are proud and thankful to all of you out there patrolling your communities day after day, night after night. You are an example to the world of True Community Spirit, Bravery and Love.

I am Present for Peace

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