The Peace Keepers is a 501k Non Profit Organization.

About PK

What is The Peace Keepers Global Initiative?01

It is a Community Action Plan designed to help promote

Peace / Love \ Unity

in a community that is plagued by crime and gun violence


Men Accepting Responsibility to make their Communities Safe and Peaceful. Because of serious economical times, there has been an increase of gun violence and crime. Most of its victims have been women and children. The safety of the women, children and elderly in the community must be paramount.

There must be a collective effort of all the religious, social, law enforcement and grass root organizations to bring peace to these communities. Peace is the common denominator that allows us to transcend above our religious, political and racial differences.

We all want Peace in our homes, community and in the world. But there is no Peace when there is no Justices. We must work hard to establish Justices for all regardless of class, greed, or color. Where there is Love and harmony there is Peace of mind. We believe when peace is present, violence is absent. Peace is not just the absence of war or violence, but peace is the absence of conflicts, and all conflicts are not violent. We all must as Peacekeepers eliminate these conflicts so that we can together create an environment of peace. I Am Present for Peace